My Story

I don’t even know how it happened, but I started out by subletting an office from someone. I had always done private practice “on the side” in other people’s practice, so I thought why not do it for myself? That was the beginning of my journey, just one room with no windows.

Initially, I only took on self pay clients.  Once I began credentialing myself with insurance companies, things took off. I could no longer manage the referrals coming in. I found a larger office around the corner from that first office,  and hired my first two independent contractors. They both worked full time jobs, and only wanted part time hours to earn some “extra money”, so it worked out for all of us.

Referrals continued to come in and one of my independent contractors was looking to make the leap from her full time job to joining me full time in my practice.  This move required even more space, so once again we needed someplace with more offices.  Once we found a larger office, she started working with me full time. We continued to grow and I continued to add new clinicians. Some of the original staff have left, but many new faces work at my practice.  I currently have 13 clinicians in the main practice, 6 in another practice 45 minutes away, 1 prescribing nurse, medical assistant and 3 receptionists. Not to mention we are considering expanding to a third location 15 minutes from the main practice.

Crazy huh? Even crazier that I thought, is this even possible? Can I have a sustainable main group practice and be able to sustain, manage, and have a successful second group practice? But here I am.

It is scary, overwhelming and stressful and its exciting, fulfilling and rewarding! Making your dream a reality is possible. What are you waiting for?